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A company named NetBux has created a method where you can search and earn money! All you have to do is use Netbux to Google instead of google, and use it often daily. NetBux shows a few small ads with each search and gets paid by advertisers to do so. In exchange, you get a portion of the cash!! Netbux makes money for each search you make, so they pass some of this money to you as thanks.

Is this a scam? / Is this legal?

It's 100% legal! Advertisers pay NetBux to get to have their ads listed on Netbux's service.

No scam, either. NetBux has to give their advertisers hits or else the advertisers wouldn't be willing to pay NetBux. This is why NetBux has created this program to allow you to earn money. It helps them and then they help you!

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