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Finding A Web Host - By Hans

Locating the proper web hosting company for your business is NOT a chore to be taken lightly...

As I've built a number of websites for customers over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to sample a number of web hosting companies. I'd like to invite you to take a moment to learn from my experience in this area.

The following information contains everything I wish I had known before I made the critical decision of where to host my customer's and my own web site.

The Facts Of Web Hosting:

Basically, web hosting services fall into one of 3 categories:
    1. Free, no frills, someone else's domain, 1-5 pages or a few meg of storage, no real support.
    2. Budget, free set up, under $30/mo. This is the option I chose more than once, until I wised up.
    3. Full service, nominal set up fee, $35+/mo., 24 hr. 7 day live response support. A must for serious cyber-business owners.
At first glance, there is no simple choice especially for the "new to the web". You may be tempted to save a few bucks when signing up with a web host provider. ( I certainly was until I learned from my mistakes!) Let me explain why this decision deserves careful consideration...

Choice One

Choice one above is excellent for personal, family, hobby or club, and "for fun" web mastering - not for serious business. In order to operate a profitable business online, you will require more control of your web site and definately ownership of your own domain name.

Without a professional appearance, a business loses credibility instantly and has a strike against it before it even starts.

However, if you are an existing or developing small businesses (both online and offline) who would be interested in establishing a free and immediate Internet presence, and prefer to test your online idea without investing on paid services yet, then you might want to consider WSMcafe. Click here for free Web Hosting.  


Choice Two

Choice two above looks, at least on the surface, to be a good choice. After all, most of the low-cost web hosting companies "promise" free tech support. However, there is a big problem with many of these companies that you do not learn about until it is too late. The fact is, they simply cannot deliver on their promise. Their low rates and constant customer turnover simply do not allow for the proper staffing required to deliver on this promise of "support".

What you are left with is a level of support and assistance far below what most small businesses require to prosper online. (I know this first-hand, as one such popular low-cost host left my entire site dead for over a week!) The simple fact is, web hosting companies of this category will actually COST you more money in downtime and time consuming non-support than you could ever save with their low rates.

Professional, High Quality Web Hosting

Which brings us to choice three - Professional, high quality web hosting. Oh, you'll pay a little more monthly, but the fact is, in business, just as in life, you get what you pay for. This adage rings true in web hosting as well. If you are serious about your business and more importantly, your time, consider starting at the top.

Use a web hosting company that will be ready to help you - any hour of the day, any day of the week. Make sure you also get web based site management - instead of just FTP, and the most current technology available online, like Apache web server, Linux, NT, Fast T3 lines, Java, stat reporting, RealAudio, Real video, and your own web search engine.

Now that you have the facts, I invite you to join our growing mass of "web wise" customers at Adgrafix. Featuring 24hr. "Live tech support" where you can even see who is on-duty, a proven, flawless service reputation, and the most current technology on the web - including Web Site Managerô - a graphical web management interface makes FTP management a thing of the past.

Simply put, Adgrafix offers the best web hosting on the Internet. I wouldn't trust my own web-site with any other host - and neither should you. Visit the Adgrafix Site Next and get all your questions answered ! Click on the link below.

Unix, Linux, NT Hosting Packages, Costs, Options, Secure & Dedicated Servers

P.S. At Adgrafix, you get more than just innovative web hosting. Every new customer that comes on board can become part of a lucrative reseller plan - at no additional cost. Why just pay your web host every month, when your host can be paying you? They will pay you for every new customer you bring to them. A full 25% of their monthly charges, month after month. Try to find another host where you can earn your hosting fees back every month and then some! They will even set up a free reseller site for you!

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